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• When someone is in serious suicidal crisis, it’s best to contact 911 or take the person directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.
• Regroupement des Services d’intervention et de crise du Québec: (temporary accommodation, telephone intervention, etc.)
• Suicidal emergency: 1-866-277-3553
• For great information when you need help or are worried about a loved one
• Tel-Jeunes for people 20 years old and under or text at 514 600-1002
• The Tel-Jeunes parent line:
• Kids Help Phone Service by text also at 686868 or by phone at 1-800-668-6868
• Relief: for anxiety, depression, bipolarity
• Info-Social 811 : Great resource that can serve as a gateway to CLSC follow-up or referrals, depending on your region
• Open space concepts, for 12 to 25 year olds (there are several in Quebec)
• CHOC (for men): it’s a really great organization for men. Special approach, based on the concepts of masculinity.
• I pulled up some adult resources on this site, it’s interesting, there are several.
• AQPAMM : Association québécoise des parents et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale

1. Understanding mental health:
2. Tips for maintaining good mental health
3. Taking a step back from your emotions
4. Sadness or depression?
5. Strategies for weathering the storm
6. Mindfulness (Video and podcast)
7. How to get better:
8. How to speak up when you’re not okay
9. How to help young (or not so young!) people talk about it
10. Resources that could help you
11. Getting to know myself, what I like, my strengths, my values, my reactions to fear, etc.:
12. Body image (more leisure and less sport, not great for self-image):